Sunday Football Hoodie: The Perfect Gift for your Guy



Let’s face it, gift shopping for men is close to impossible. Unlike women, men don’t have a running list of things they want (or need). If you’re like me, the go-to gift for your man is typically tickets to his favorite team’s sporting event. But in a COVID-19 world, live games aren’t really an option. So, now what? He already has all the jerseys of his beloved players and subscriptions to the sports channels.


That’s where we come in -- Introducing the Sunday Hoodie. We were so thrilled that football returned this fall after the uncertainty of the rest of the year, we decided to make a sweatshirt out of it (the guys weren’t the only people praying for football this season). This fall and holiday season treat your man to our relatable, fun, and oh so soft football hoodie. It’s perfect for Saturday college game days and NFL Sundays! Shop Sunday "Pray for Football" Hoodie Now.